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#000000 (2016) represents the colour ‘black’, which is converted into 6 hexadecimal-digit for web. Mostly, received audiovisual images are just a skin or shell of the original. The objects on the screen are covered by those unknown codes. 
In this video, the images are derived from the social code of ‘dark’, which is educated and experienced. It manifests everywhere but vague and unable to be defined clearly. Totally doubting and disrupting the conventional connection of sound-image-text in film and video as a storytelling media, I suggest another way of interpreting images with phrases failed to be converted or translated, incomplete sentences, various ambient sounds, and a combination of raw pixels and black-matte(or solid) which is neo-material in our generation. 

* Installation view


#000000, 4:3, 7' 12”, 2016

Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 3.13.58 AM.png
Sequence of #000000.jpg

Sequence of #000000, Ink jet print on International A4 paper, 2016

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